What our customers are saying about Sheridan Mechanical:

"have used Doug innumerable times over the past decade: on our own residence, homes we own as rentals or have flipped, and as a contractor for my landscape architecture clients. Am always pleased; Doug is a veritable encyclopedia of Electrical Codes and other technical know-how, and always performs with true integrity." 

Ted C.


Doug Sheridan and Sheridan Mechanical Contracting have done fantastic work for our family. Doug really knows what he's talking about and also how to help the customer really understand a problem so they can make the best choices. He has always been easy to work with and has always made us feel at ease having him do work in our house. On one occasion, my young daughter was napping during a service call and Doug went out of his way to make sure he minimized the noise while he was working in our attic right above her room. I highly recommend Doug for electrical and HVAC work."

Amy M.


I believe it is easy to work with Mr. Sheridan. He supplied me good equipment at reasonable cost. When installing a tankless water heater they took extra time to reorganize/shorten piping and installed a wall outlet in a good position without additional cost. The work they performed was clean and of quality." 

Ernesto R.


"We have hired Doug of Sheridan Mechanical Contracting Company multiple times and we have always been very pleased with the results. He has done everything from replacing faulty switches, to adding outlets, to running ethernet cable through the walls and attic. If I have any type of electrical issue, Doug is on speed dial; I highly recommend his work." 

Eric B.


"Doug has been my goto HVAC/plumbing/electrical contractor both for myself and all my clients. His abilities and problem solving expertise have been invaluable to everyone. He is on my short "A" list." 

Chuck C.


Can always trust that Doug will give an honest assessment at a reasonable price." 

Gay A.


"Doug is a wonderful asset to our neighborhood as our neighborhood electrician. He and his company have the kind of integrity and thoroughness you wish that all contractors would provide. I have used him to do basic electrical work and more complex things like running gas lines in our house. In every encounter he gave A+ results. I highly recommend him. I would also rank him and his company's attributes as personable, good value, on time and creative but the 3 attributes limitation denied me the ability to do that!" 

Catherine H.